Roof Restoration

Roofshield™ is a Household Name in the Roof Restoration Industry

Thousands of roofs throughout Australia have been restored using Roofshield Coating Systems.

Roofshield Coatings PTY Ltd produce this speciality range of extended durability acrylic roof coatings, which have proven performance over many years in shielding roofs against the elements.

Roofshield Coatings PTY Ltd owns the exclusive Roofshield™ trademarks and appoints competent distributors who promote and use the Roofshield Coating Systems.

This site is a brief tour of the normal roof restoration procedures.

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We pride ourselves on providing the very best solution available in the Market today, because

Roofshield Coatings are Manufactured here in Australia
Roofshield Coatings are Environmentally Friendly
Roofshield Coatings are Applied by Trained Professionals
Roofshield Coatings are Proven to Enhance and Protect your Investment

Australian Made Proven Coating Solutions

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