You don’t stay in business for 30 years, without doing something right!


Roofshield the Roof Restoration Specialists

Roofshield Roof Restoration has been in business for 30 years, you don’t stay in business for that long without doing something right! We have restored, repaired and replaced thousands of roofs across Australia, in almost every state. Not only do we restore roofs we make our own coatings too. Our coatings are designed to not only look great but to also add value to your property. They are also environmentally friendly and designed to stop harmful algae from sticking to the roof’s surface.

So, if you are going to choose a company to restore your roof, make it a company with 30 years experience, a company that makes all their own coatings and a company that delivers excellence day in, day out. Choose Roofshield Roof Restoration.


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Roofshield Roof Restoration is a Household Name in the Industry. Thousands of roofs throughout Australia have been restored by Roofshield, using Roofshield Coating Systems. To the right, you will see some before and after images of roofs we have completed recently. As you can see, Roofshields Roof Restorations work best when we use our Roofshields Coatings. They deliver sensational, long lasting and visually stunning results.

  • Roofshield Coatings are Manufactured here in Australia
  • Roofshield Coatings are Environmentally Friendly
  • Roofshield Coatings are Applied by Trained Professionals
  • Roofshield Coatings are Proven to Enhance and Protect your Investment
Before After
Before After

“I just want to say that you have a great team, and I’d like to congratulate and thank them for the great job they did on restoring the roof of my home. I will certainly pass on your details should I have any friends requiring roof restoration.”

Mr Peter Clegg